Maison La Minervetta hosts ASPESI

Maison La Minervetta is a boutique hotel, a small wunderkammer of hospitality overlooking the Gulf of Sorrento where works of art, collectibles, books, glass, ceramics, cushions, paintings and fabrics, become symbols of an aesthetic movement towards others - the guests and friends who choose to spend their free time here. A conscious choice dictated by memories, ties, relationships and spontaneous affinities.

ASPESI becomes the guest of a private stay at Minervetta and takes part in this scenario of human and aesthetic combinations through the direct testimony of owner of the house, Marco De Luca. It’s not the garment that defines the person, but the person that makes the garment unique, and Marco's personality shines through in the research of every single element that connotes his "home" and the same happens with his wardrobe. The instinctive and intellectual choice that occurs when searching for design and artistic objects is the same that defines what he wears. Exclusivity is about being yourself by finding something of yourself in what you choose.

Because at the end of the day, we are what we choose.