Shirts for men and women: the must-have of the spring wardrobe
March 2023

Classic, elegant, oversize, white and in chambray: a nice shirt is an essential garment to have in your wardrobe because it offers many styling options that can create versatility and lightness in everyday looks.


Creating a different and original style every day starting from a single piece of clothing is possible, especially if the piece is a shirt. It's just a matter of choosing the right one and combining it with the other elements and accessories of your look to create the right mix and match and make the most of your personality.

Hidden by jackets and jumpers during winter, men's and women's shirts reveal themselves during spring and summer and become the main protagonists, offering endless combination possibilities. The same shirt can turn from casual to elegant in a second, simply by changing a few details to customize the look you would like to achieve.

Among striped and dot patterns, oversize cuts, refined details and materials suitable for the hottest temperatures, ASPESI reveals which are the unmissable models you should have in your wardrobe for the 2023 season.

Quality shirts: which are the best fabrics for the warm season

When choosing a shirt (but not only) there is one rule that should always apply: focus on quality.

A shirt made with high-quality fabrics is immediately recognizable, as it has a better fit, adheres well to your body and remains tidier, making you immediately more elegant. Not to be neglected, the breathability and softness of a good cotton fabric make the difference and make the garment more pleasant to wear.

The fabrics used for the shirts are different, it all depends on the result you would like to obtain: from each one you get a type of yarn with certain characteristics and properties and for this reason they also vary according to the season.

Which are the most suitable materials for spring and summer? To face warmer temperatures there are some types of cotton and weaving that are more suitable than others.

Poplin is certainly one of those: a very light cotton characterized by a fresh, dry and compact look, in which the fabric looks light, soft and elastic to the touch, very suitable for comfortable garments to wear every day.

Another popular fabric for shirts, that is ideal for the summer, is the Oxford fabric: made of very fine pure cotton with a fresh look and characterized by a thick weave that gives a sensation of absolute softness to the touch.

White shirt: new ideas for a perfect look

The timeless white shirt: a basic garment that cannot be missing from your wardrobe, capable of transforming a classic business look into an alternative evening outfit.

To create a fresh and refined look for women, just start from a simple base: a nice white shirt and semi-elegant trousers with a baggy cut, in line with the latest season trends. An easily customizable combination which, depending on the situation, can become seductive if enriched with details such as a blazer, heels, a clutch, or more casual with flat sandals and a shoulder bag with a more relaxed vibe.

The men's look with a white shirt is a classic, but ASPESI goes beyond the imaginary of the canonical and formal aspect, proposing new and different interpretations of this evergreen look. Korean cuts, wide fit, and large military-inspired pockets on the chest are just some of the details that define the turning point and give the white shirt a new life. To best match it, an uncoordinated suit is enough as long as it is in line with the seasonal colour palette.

Shirts with patterns: the trendy designs for the season

For this flower season, green light also for shirts with stripes and, especially for Women's wardrobe, with polka dots for a tribute to the legendary '60s and vintage style.

Dots: contemporary style with a retro touch

ASPESI interprets dots by embellishing its aesthetics with an exclusive abstract pattern that makes them special and recognizable.

Sleeveless, with long or short sleeves, the important thing is that the shirt is with dots: to express a beautiful dualism and add an elegant retro touch to the outfits, while showing off a chic, refined but contemporary personality, resisting a shirt with dots this season will be impossible.

Stripes: a classic revisited in a minimal key

Another timeless trend are stripes, which in the ASPESI Collection of this season are clean and essential.

The striped shirt is a great classic, very versatile and suitable for any situation: whether they are black and white or white and blue, stripes are a timeless pattern for the summer, that elevates any outfit and adds an elegant and casual allure. From work to leisure, a striped shirt can be easily transformed by toning down its formality with a few tricks, for example by wearing it untucked and over a t-shirt.

Chambray shirt: the iconic fabric perfect for the warm season

Chambray fabric, also known as batiste, is a natural cotton and linen fabric characterized by the particular mélange blue colour given by the intertwining of white threads in the weft and blue in the warp.

Although it may recall denim at first glance, chambray is a much lighter fabric that is fresh and naturally breathable, characteristics that make it ideal for facing even the warmest days. Despite this, however, it is also very resistant, it does not deform and softens with use.

If you had to sum up the chambray shirt in one word, it would definitely be versatile. A timeless passepartout, also perfect for travelling and ideally combinable with any outfit always with a chic and sophisticated result.

Worn open over a white t-shirt with striped shorts and coloured moccasins, it reinforces its casual soul creating the perfect look for a relaxing Sunday, from a walk in the park to a sailing trip. When laced up and combined with elegant white trousers and a blue jacket, it gives a more elegant and classy look, becoming the perfect garment also for more formal situations, such as a day in the office or a business lunch.

ASPESI offers chambray shirts for him and chambray shirts for her in a classic version, but embellished with unique details that make them exclusive, such as mother-of-pearl buttons, chest pockets for the men's model or the raw cut ruffles on the front for the female one.

The shirt is undoubtedly a garment that cannot be missing from your wardrobe: thanks to its versatility, it is perfect to create a different style every day, becoming a valid ally in the maximum expression of your personality.