The Perfect Family
September 22

Clothes are made to be worn or they wouldn't be living items but mere creative ideas.

The wearing of them brings a brand’s ideas to life and gives them movement, in what is essentially anexchange of energy between thedesigner and the person wearing their creation. That's why garments needa body. To love fashion means to wear clothes, drawing energy and power from them. And when a family interprets them, an even stronger value is created: the intention of living and wearing clothes becomes interpretation, identity, personality, and at the same time belonging, exchange, affection. Clothes say a lot about those wearing them, and even more so if they are worn by various members of the family: this expresses a sense of sharing and the power of exchange, while allowing each individual to imbue the items of clothing with their own identity.

The Meire–Elie family in Cologne welcomed ASPESI and Adriano Cisani into their home.

Michelle Elie, a multi-faceted, creative fashion icon and muse from Haiti, and her husband Mike Meire, an artist, designer and art director, have been living in Cologne, Germany since 1999, with their three children Zec, York June and Casey.

Mike Meire & Zec

Their home expresses their personality, their way of life. It draws on the old, the new, the modern. It reflects the world they represent and that characterises them culturally as a family, as a group of very different people who, however, share a deep bond. This is an extremely contemporary, open, empathetic family, highly balanced, organically united by the interplay of each individual personality and emotionally recognisable as a focus of ties, synergies, exchange and contamination.

While ASPESI garments are conceived as archetypes, each family member is free to express his individuality, while forming part of the whole. And it is in this exercise of free expression related to garments that the family universe loses its mechanistic aspect: the parent speaks, the children respond. But each in his own way.

Michelle Elie