Uniform dressing: the total look for an essential and timeless
April 23

Creating a harmonious and cohesive self-image through unique and identical clothing: this is the cornerstone of uniform dressing, the fashion approach that aims to create a minimalist style, free of passing trends.

With uniform dressing we mean a way of dressing which aims to create a coordinate match, a kind of uniform which can be worn in different occasions.

If in the fashion world, characterized by creativity and uniqueness, the word uniform had a negative connotation for a long time, interpreting a concept of constraint and limitation of one's uniqueness, today the term is freed from this idea and acquires a new shade.

Uniform dressing to express one's uniqueness

Today, by uniform dressing we mean a minimalist and timeless style that represents the achievement of a solid wardrobe and able to express one's uniqueness through the use of similar clothes that can be easily combined to create different outfits.

This doesn't mean giving up your personal style. Indeed, it is through using high quality fabrics, choosing the cuts and refined details as well as the smart use of accessories, jewels or other design elements, that it is possible to create a unique and distinctive look.

The uniform - namely having one same and constant shape over time - becomes a signature style, a fingerprint that builds one's identity through fashion, one of the means that contributes to making one unique and recognizable.

We are no longer committed to a style, but to a fashion approach, based on the choice of a Total Look composed of timeless clothing and accessories. ASPESI interprets them by providing guidelines to create a functional and easy-to-manage wardrobe, that can be aesthetically pleasant and consistent at the same time.

What is meant by Total Look

The total look is the answer for those looking for an essential and timeless style. The underlying idea is to simplify the everyday choice of clothing by getting rid of worries about fashion and trends in order to concentrate on essential and quality clothes. Thus, investments - in terms of time and money - and the stress associated with choosing the perfect outfit can be reduced.

This trend is perfectly suitable for those who want a functional, but at the same time elegant and adaptable wardrobe which can result in a neat and tidy look, suitable for many occasions and easy to manage.

The Total look rules: how to choose the right clothes

The total look is a choice of style and it requires the utmost attention in selecting your clothes. To create your own essential and unique style it is important to choose elements in harmony with each other in order to have complete and consistent outfits for every occasion.

How? By following a few simple rules.

Step 1: the main item of clothing and other elements

To create your total look, the first rule to bear in mind is to choose the main item that will be the protagonist of your look. It can be a particularly interesting dress, jacket or sweater.

In this choice, an important aspect to consider is the shape of your body and the parts you want to emphasize or minimize. Even if the total look generally foresees minimal cuts and simple and neat lines, it is important to understand your strong points to valorize them with the right clothes.

Once you have chosen the main item of clothing, you can decide on the other elements to be combined, preferably in a matching or contrasting fabric. Also in this case it is interesting to play with proportions and volumes to create a contrast. For example, to emphasise the waistline you can opt for a pleated skirt or some palazzo trousers with a tight t-shirt or, instead, to wear an oversize jumper with some slim fit trousers. It is important to find a balance between volumes and don't exaggerate with proportions.

Step 2: colours and fabrics

It is important that colours and fabrics are in harmony with each other. If the main item has a particular colour, print or texture, it is better if the other elements in your outfit are more neutral.

Generally, in order to create a cohesive and harmonious image, the choice of colour or palette requires a shades selection to suit one's taste and complexion.

The total look can be monochromatic or multicolour, depending on personal taste and the effect you want to achieve. The one colour, whichever you choose from black to ice, is very elegant and impressive, whereas the choice of different colours, as long as they follow the same chromatic palette, can add a personal touch and make everything more unique.

As far as fabrics are concerned, besides aiming for quality, it is better if you choose those that guarantee comfort and ideal wearability.

To create successful total looks, you must consider the seasons and occasions during which you will wear the outfits. Knitted garments or warm fabrics for winter, cool materials such as linen or light cotton for the summer, fine and elegant fabrics for formal occasions.

As with colours, it is not necessary to choose the same fabrics for all garments, the important thing is that they all have a common element, either in texture or pattern.

Step 3: accessories

To best emphasize the uniqueness of your style, choosing the right accessories can make the difference to complete your total look outfit. For a harmonious result it is important to choose them in balance with the main item.

Bags for women and belts for men always add interest and personality. As for the other elements, if combined in different ways, they can transform a look: for example, a daytime outfit can be transformed into an evening one simply by changing the accessories or combining them in different ways.

After all, uniform dressing and total look represent an elegant and refined style choice based on the quality and uniqueness of a few essential clothes and free from current trends.