It's a Family Thing
March 2023

Inherit, hand down, cherish

It's a family thing

Every family has its objects. They are mementos, reminiscent of relationships, of memories that we live naturally in our everyday life, because they belong to us. They surround us like photographs, like the air, like the chaos in our lives, quietly reminding us where we come from and, sometimes, where we are going.

These objects not only speak about us; they look back and beyond, in a reference to something bigger. To our roots, our identity, the history we share with other people, our people, our family. They are objects, but only in appearance: in actual fact, they are much more, because they conceal a story, a gesture, a poise, an image that makes us feel good because it reminds us who we are.

ASPESI is launching a project underscoring the value of objects that have been handed down, kept, collected. For ASPESI, the concept of family is represented by the daily gestures of people who share connections. Families in which the shared experiences of the unit emerge in the emotional sphere of the individual.

Within the family unit, members exchange, hand down, inherit ASPESI clothing once belonging to other members. An act that preserves the object’s sentimental value, while allowing the new user to endow it with a brand new and entirely personal interpretation. Wearing a garment that springs from our closest community, the family, opens up new possibilities for a free interpretation of ourselves, an action that makes that which is standardised and impersonal incredibly unique, intimate and akin to us.