Spring/Summer 2023 Collection
January 2023

ONGOING NOTES: an editing of people and the clothes they wear
S/S 23 update: all in the family

Cedric Buchet and Vanina Sorrenti portrait by Vanina Sorrenti, Milan January 2023

The act of dressing is both emotional and militant, visual and tactile.
Wearable items that hide complexity in simplicity fluidify such acts.
Complexly simple clothes with an emotional aura are the ASPESI thing: items that combine beauty
and function through fabric and touch; clothing that circularly crosses genders and generations.

The instruments ASPESI offers are archetypes. Archetypes have the power to evolve over time
while staying true to their value.
A curation of archetypes is what ASPESI unfolds season after season, feeding on an appreciation
of sobriety, purposefulness and everyday-ness.

Lennon Buchet Sorrenti and Taian Scott portrait by Vanina Sorrenti, Milan January 2023

The focus in this season’s curation is on the pristine simpleness of shirts, the purposeful
pragmatism of boilersuits, the practicality of shorts and jerseys, the properness of tailored blazers
and coats, the dignity of demure dresses, the ease of pajamas. Graphic patterns swinging from
workwear stripes to banker pinstripes to polka dots give rhythm to the movement.

Materials are archetypal, too, and so are colors: cotton, wool, jersey, silk, in hues of black, white,
indigo blue, beige, poppy red.

The emotional range of ASPESI is extensive, urging individual expressions. The expressive
richness that ensues is akin to personalities within a family. Harmony is found in differences.

The expressions ASPESI fosters are apparently respectful of the rules because the knowledge of
how to break them is clear. Connective sizing fluidifies the act of getting dressed. Archetypes,
thereafter, are mixed and mingled, and remixed and further mixed. However they are combined,
they create an expression that impresses: a uniform that is averse to uniformity.

Self portrait by Vanina Sorrenti, Milan January 2023

Editing is crucial. What is left out matters just as much as what remains.

What remains, ultimately, is the person, in the glory of his or her individuality.

And so it goes.

[To be continued…].