During Design Week 2023, ASPESI hosts NM3 in a project curated by Flash Art
April 23

ASPESI and NM3 share a radical design and product vision.

Flash Art, a leading international contemporary art magazine, brought them together on this common ground for Design Week 2023.

Form follows function. Both develop their products according to the pragmatic principle that objects are judged on the basis of what we see and touch, focusing on the form and composition.

There is always a formal reference in every object or piece of apparel. The theme of the archetype and the replicating model is a cornerstone. The object, whether it is a dress or a piece of furniture, becomes timeless, durable and usable over time, but still variable.

With a change of material or proportions, the result is different.

ASPESI and NM3 share a compositional and industrial process model. The result is the production of objects symbolic of this vision.

During Design Week 2023, ASPESI’s Milan flagship store at Via San Pietro all’Orto 24, will host a selection of NM3 objects designed exclusively for the brand: NMAS01 Bookcase NM3 + ASPESI and NMAS02 Screen NM3 + ASPESI.

To underscore the trait d’union between ASPESI, NM3 and Flash Art, the NM3 + Flash Art bench and the NM3 + Flash Art stools will also be on display.

ASPESI tells the story of an avant-garde normality, inspired by a timeless style and constant research and innovation in state-of-the-art fabrics: a vision of style that goes beyond trends. ASPESI was founded in 1969 as a shirt brand. Towards the end of the 1970s, Alberto Aspesi began creating ready-to-wear collections for men and women, and established collaborative partnerships with prominent designers, including Walter Albini and Franco Moschino. With the forward-looking vision that has always been part of the brand's DNA, ASPESI was the first to introduce the down jacket as urban apparel instead of a performance-based or weekend piece. An on-going, thorough search for the most innovative fabrics has always been one of the label’s signature elements. ASPESI expresses a minimalist, extremely sophisticated and timeless approach through the vision of creative director Lawrence Steele. In 2017 ASPESI was acquired by Italian private equity fund Armònia Italy Fund. ASPESI is distributed in 16 single-brand stores and shop-in-shops, and over 600 retail stores worldwide.

Flash Art, founded in 1967, is an international contemporary art magazine and publishing house. During its 55-year history, the magazine has recorded the evolution of the system, of the history of art criticism as well as geopolitical and artistic changes and visual culture in general. Flash Art is an active seismograph of contemporary art edited and published by Gea Politi and Cristiano Seganfreddo.

NM3 is an office for architecture and design based in Milan run by Nicolò Ornaghi, Delfino Sisto Legnani and Francesco Zorzi. NM3 wants to extract specificity through the strict ordinary: average industrial elements are assembled through common techniques, focusing on form and composition which underlie, at the same time, their ordinary abstractness and infinite possibilities.