Family Group

The theme of the family group for ASPESI finds space in the daily gestures of people who share connections in common social and domestic environments. Places where the group's experiences of interchange spill over into the emotional sphere of the individual. In this family camp, the members exchange, hand down, and inherit ASPESI garments that previously belonged to other members. An act that not only preserves the emotional aspect that the item - which once belonged to someone else - represents, but also allows the new user to develop their own highly personal and novel interpretation. Wearing a garment that belongs to our collective experience is not only an emotional gesture, but is also somewhat seductive, considering that it refers to a free interpretation of our being - an action that makes everything that is standardized and impersonal incredibly unique, intimate and similar to us.

In order to grasp these intellectual brand directives and develop them by directly narrating their values, writer Damiano Scaramella has realized a journey - to all intents and purposes - through faces, words and places, recounting and analyzing the experiences of groups of people, or nuclei, portrayed on stage by way of a text of non-fiction narratives. A stroll into the grand intimate theater of the lives of four very different groups: the Leddi family, of Piedmontese origin but based in Milan for more than seventy years; the group of bakers and master pizza makers from brand crosta; established Italian design studio DWA Design Studio; the laboratories of the research group on Theory of Mind of the Catholic University of Milan.