Lawrence Steele is the new ASPESI Creative Director
18 Novembre 2020

ASPESI announces the appointment of Lawrence Steele as creative director.

With a wealth of stylistic and personal experiences ranging from Moschino to Prada to Marni, where he recently held the role of associate creative director, Lawrence Steele’s task will be enriching the emotional range of ASPESI, expanding and articulating the scope of a style that in place of volatile frivolity stands for militant awareness, under the sign of Made in Italy. Design combined with textile research and synthesized in timeless items is the essence of ASPESI. Lawrence Steele will contribute with a personal but kindred sensitivity.

What I find fascinating about ASPESI is the richness of the values that the brand carries, from every angle. There is an appreciation of the sobriety that is typically Italian, combined with a quest for durability that is of absolute importance today. The attention to detail and the study of materials are no less remarkable, but what for me is the value to be explored is the humanistic character: putting the person at the center, creating clothes that combine beauty and function and that are instruments of individual expression rather than costumes. My intent is to pursue this route, looking at the world and at the historical moment, because timeliness is the salient feature of our DNA” declares Lawrence Steele.

For the first time in its history, ASPESI expresses a creative director, whose vision will coordinate the brand in a holistic continuum. Lawrence Steele's choice has been natural, and not only because ASPESI has already been featured in his past: it is the very idea of style that is contiguous without being consequential. The program is to make ASPESI a brand with an unmistakable identity that speaks to the public with a perfect balance of textile research and design, renewing the spirit that made Made in Italy a worldwide success” explains Simona Clemenza, CEO.

In the role of creative director, Lawrence Steele will coordinate all aspects of the brand's image, from the design of the men's and women's collections to communication.

His first collection will be Spring/Summer 2022.