Long dress or maxi dress: an essential item in every women's wardrobe
May 23

Long or very long, with flowing lines and fresh and precious fabrics: this is how the chicest maxi dresses of the moment are designed, perfect to wear on any summer occasion.

Comfortable, light and feminine, the long dress for women is always a must-have during the hot season, when you are looking for a fresh summer look that doesn't require too much effort. It offers all the practicality of a one-piece suit.

Generally considered perfect for cocktail hour or a ceremony, the new trend for Spring-Summer 2023 will see the maxi dress worn even during the day and not necessarily for a special occasion.

The long dress becomes the perfect outfit for any occasion by choosing the right style for your figure and with a few styling tricks, The long dress is the perfect outfit to show in every moment. For work or leisure, with sneakers or flat sandals, but also with elegant jewelled pumps, depending on the occasion.

Summer 2023 maxi dress: choice of lines and fabrics

Wearing a maxi dress correctly is an art and, and to avoid making mistakes, ASPESI has chosen an essential style and defined a "how-to" to get the most out of each garment, depending on the situation.

Long and very long, the dresses of our brand are characterized by timeless elegance, defined by the choice of fine fabrics such as poplin cotton, satin, silk taffeta, light linen, viscose, combined with the simplicity of flowing lines.

The long denim dress is a real must-have for spring and goes hand-in-hand with the choice of classic style such as the empire style dress or the blouse-dress, made contemporary by the minimalist design of the patterns and the neutral colours. These represent a perfect mix between past and future, in complete harmony with the ASPESI style.

Long dress: how to wear it during the day

Much of the comfort of the maxi dress lies in its versatility. ASPESI takes this concept to the extreme by designing garments that can be worn both during the day and at night. It's all about finding the right mix and match, and the same dress can be the ideal outfit in the most varied contexts, from the most formal to the most casual one.

The perfect office look with the maxi dress

Wearing a maxi dress to the office is possible, as long as you adopt a few little tricks to do it with class. The first thing to consider is whether to go for a neutral colour or a sophisticated floral print, depending on your tastes and personality.

When it comes to combining, an empire waist dress is perfect with an office shoe like derby or patent leather loafer, while to enhance the chic features of the blouse-dress you can opt for a very elegant clutch or slingbacks. If the dress is not very long, an ankle boots with a medium heel will slim your figure, while a combination with stiletto pumps is not recommended to avoid a ceremonial or gala effect.

A blazer is the perfect choice for a formal office look, while a nylon jacket or duster coat is perfect for a casual Friday look.

How to dress down a long casual dress

Practical tips for making a maxi dress more casual include the choice of colour, pattern and line.

Choose a bright colour, preferably in the season's palette, a simple print such as polka dots and a basic line: this mix will give the whole look more casual vibes. Secondly, avoid precious fabrics and prefer fresh ones such as linen and cotton, more suitable for the heat of sunny days.

With these starting points, it will be easy to play down the long dress and icing on the cake for a street style look will be the combination with some white sneakers or flat sandals, together with an oversized jacket and a bucket bag.

Long dress for the evening or a special occasion

When it comes to choosing the perfect long dress, you should always opt for a model that suits your figure and style, as well as the type of occasion you are attending.

The ideal long dress for the evening is made of precious fabric, such as silk or satin, which create a pleasant soft and shiny effect, giving the maximum elegance. The preferred model is sensual but refined: very long, with long sleeves and embellished with unique details such as mother-of-pearl buttons or a sash on the neck to tie.

As with the choice of model, the choice of the colour is equally important and depends on the effect that you want to achieve: the classic black is always a valid option and is a valid option for many types of events, except for ceremonies, of course. In general, dark colours are preferable, as they give the dress a touch of class: go for midnight blue and military green, but alternatively fiery red, perfect for a cocktail party, and natural, very bright, are also permissible.

To complete the look, you can't go wrong with a refined overcoat and jewelled sandals.

For this spring-summer 2023 the key for the perfect dress is length. Comfortable and versatile by definition, the maxi dress needs nothing more than to be worn. Still, by finding the right combinations, it will transform to make it perfect for any occasion.