Lettering t-shirts: the new 2023 must-have
April 23

In solid colour, minimal, with writings: the typo t-shirts stand out for these features and this spring-summer they cannot miss from your closet if style is your X factor.

Fresh and comfortable, these t-shirts represent a basic item for the spring-summer season and at the same time an icon of contemporary fashion. Their versatility makes them a passe-partout for many outfits: they can give a casual and relaxed vibe to an elegant suit or add character and energy to a skirt worn with high heels or pointed boots. They are perfect to free your creativity and find different ways (unusual, too) to enrich them with personality and create interesting looks.

The t-shirt really is an evergreen which goes through different styles and generations and that, in its simplicity, can be appreciated by everyone in the same way.

T-shirts with lettering: the lettering as a form of art

The lettering, as the study of forms of writing, means a group of printed letters which focuses on their role in a composition.

When single words become concepts and meet fashion, the lettering becomes an art which transforms simplicity of a basic item of clothing into essentiality, into a symbol which recalls a specific self-representation, an idea through which you can propose and define yourself. Also, the simplicity of words is elevated and the typo t-shirt becomes the main character of spring-summer looks.

Typo t-shirts according to ASPESI: between simplicity and innovation

The typo t-shirts for women and for men by ASPESI are the most contemporary interpretation of this basic item for the warm season whose simplicity is taken to the extreme to give value to the conceptual aspect behind it.

Featuring an essential style, the t-shirts with lettering by ASPESI are made of cotton jersey, a light, soft and breathable fabric perfect for summer.

Its wearability is regular and its cut is classic, with short sleeves and a crew neck. The brand choice is a call for versatility, taken to the extreme in this case too: in this way the t-shirt can be easily matched to different outfits and more elegant items, becoming a perfect base for total looks.

Similarly, also the use of colours respects this will: they are neutral, to be worn with everything. Mainly black and white with alternate writings or red, if anything, the colour of extremes, passion, seduction and adventure.

Behind the word: the lettering between simplicity and innovation

The iconic lettering by ASPESI can only be minimal, in harmony with the essential character of the brand. Only one word, precisely in capital block letters, is positioned well visible in the middle of the chest to express the concept with all its power, giving character to the item and, as a consequence, to who wears it.

The concepts chosen by ASPESI are daring and the item is not only a simple t-shirt. It becomes a means to express a message with courage. Wearing it, you wear an idea, an evocative concept behind the value of the word, which becomes a distinctive feature.

SILENCE: the conceptual t-shirt, a tribute to the photographer Robert Frank

SILENCE is one of the keywords of Alberto Aspesi. It recalls the character of the Milanese bourgeoisie and the ambience he attended. The bourgeoisie in Milan is silent and discreet, the modesty and the confidentiality are its typical features, similarly reflecting on him and on the NO-Logo philosophy of the brand. Coherently, Alberto Aspesi never liked interviews and always preferred that images could speak , in his advertising campaigns, always of an absolute value.

The iconic SILENCE t-shirt was born in 1990, when Robert Frank, an American revolutionary neorealist photographer signed a partnership with ASPESI. With a genuine style and without any filter, Robert Frank highlighted social changes, also of the bourgeoisie itself, bringing a breath of innovation in the language of photographic reportage.

In the working days, many times they recalled SILENCE. For Frank, the sound of the Italian word had an evocative charm which exceeded the one of its same meaning.

So, Alberto Aspesi made a tribute to his friend creating the SILENCE t-shirt, which since then is part of the ASPESI closet.

The t-shirt is an item of clothing essential for spring-summer and you need to have it in your closet. How can you choose the perfect one? The quality of its fabric, the wearability able to adapt to different needs and its design in line with your personality and your style, can be the basics where you can start from.