Spring-Summer palette: all the trendy colours for the season
March 2023

From neutral and delicate to bright and vibrant tones: here are the colours to focus on in this season, for a look living up to every expectation.

In February, we already know the colour of the year elected by Pantone and defined as an “unusual shade for an unconventional era”. But there is more beyond 18-1750 Viva Magenta.

The new spring-summer season features a vivacious colour palette, in which the softest tones of pastel and the bright and dynamic hues are mixed in a bold and harmonious way.

So, in the blue book of fashion trends for the next spring-summer season, the colours tastefully integrate tradition and innovation, combining the need for brightness and vibrant positivity with that for calm and inner stability.

ASPESI guides to discover the 10 must-have shades to have in the seasonal wardrobe, each with its own wonderful characteristics and right combinations.

Fashionable looks in delicate and refined pastel shades

Bright, fresh and easy to match, pastel shades never go out of fashion. Obtained by adding white to the starting colours, they're the softest and most delicate shades of the latter, and therefore perceived as soothing and relaxing. White is the neutral and impersonal colour par excellence and represents purity, and pastel colours refer to the concepts of tranquillity and neutrality.

From powder blue to aquamarine

The clear and limpid powder blue, reminiscent of a cloudless sky, is one of the top shades of the new season and ASPESI new clothing proposals, both for Women's and Men’s collections.

A colour that encourages calmness, as well as a sense of centredness and openness to the outside and in general to communication. Precisely because of these characteristics, it's the perfect colour to wear in the office or on formal occasions, especially when matched with pure white or light grey. Yellow is another excellent chromatic ally to dare on more informal occasions.

The other must-have shade of blue in this season is aquamarine from the Latin “aqua marina” (seawater). Like the sea, it represents euphoria and soothing calmness, but also strength, encouraging to let go of feelings and purify the mind. Green light for clothing in white and all the shades of brown for an elegant, sober and unconventional combination.

Camicia coreana in popeline a righeMaglia in cotone costa inglese

Nude colour is the new neutral

A soft and contemporary shade, nude colour is the new neutral colour of the year for the wardrobe. Refined and versatile it expresses all its elegance even on its own, for a monochromatic total nude look, but it's also ideal as a base for other colour combinations. From darker and brighter colours to lighter ones such as sage green, the combinations are endless for a result that can only guarantee a sophisticated fresh and timeless look.

The pearl grey that brightens up your outfits

Pearl grey is another delicate shade. A colour that is neutral and a little eccentric, but sophisticated and capable of expressing personality and emphasizing spiritual and intellectual values: it conveys confidence, independence and elegance. With its pearly reflections, it's the perfect shade for summer evenings to be worn in a duster, in long, lightweight dresses and in flowing trousers.

The enveloping pale yellow

Warm and enveloping, the vitality of yellow never goes unnoticed even in its most delicate shades such as butter yellow. This soft and genuine nuance is perfect to make any daytime look elegant, from the beach to the city, and the combination with sage green is a seasonal must

A look in bright colours: vitality and energy

Whilst pastel colours can be easily matched with each other, the rules are a bit different for bright and vivid colours, and in order not to overdo it, it is better to wear one at a time, always paired with a neutral ally. This way you can be sure of always having a harmonious and balanced outfit that does not lack the right amount of energy and intensity.

The radiating bright yellow

In addition to the delicate shade of butter yellow, 2023 gives the green light even to the brightest shade of yellow. With its vitaminic charge, it's the quintessential summer colour, evoking the sun and immediately conjuring up the idea of a holiday. Like a radiant sunbeam, it will brighten up any outfit and donate all its energy if matched with colder and gentler tones to balance the whole.

Abito midi in Taffetà

Shades of orange: from peach to vitaminic

Two new shades of orange surprise and enrich ASPESI spring-summer collection. If one is sweet and perfect to convey calm, the other is strongly energizing.

The peach tone is immediately evocative of the lightness and carefreeness of summer. Very youthful and versatile, this colour brings its own light, turning out perfect to wear on special occasions like a ceremony.

Vitaminic orange has a bolder spirit, that expresses great strength and vitality and immediately draws attention. Capable of conveying positive feelings, such as enthusiasm and fun, it gives the best of itself in a cocktail dress for an exclusive aperitif on the terrace.

Cherry tomato red: a bundle of energy

Halfway between tomato red and cherry nuance, this red is vivacious, vibrant and lively. A shade that certainly doesn't want to go unnoticed: it bursts with energy, emanates positivity and is perfect to liven up any occasion with your outfit.

Deep blue: always a great idea

Whether navy or electric, blue is one of ASPESI's evergreen colours that also makes its way into this new collection, expressing itself at its best in the new nylon jackets Versatile and suitable for any occasion, you can easily match this colour that inspires calm and confidence with all colours, from pastel to bright and neutral, from black to white, passing through grey and brown shades.













Fashion is a form of expression which goes beyond the clothes, also involving lifestyle in all its forms and, of course, colours are an important element of such expression.

All you have to do is choose which colour to wear first for this spring-summer season!