ASPESI launches a capsule collection in collaboration with Mifuko
March 2023

Changing continuity: an increasingly responsible model of growth

ASPESI’s responsibility strategy is anchored in the company’s heritage and values, ensuring that an increasingly positive legacy of ethical values accompanies its evolution. First of all, the timelessness and durability of the clothing produced, which is designed for an extended life cycle to ensure that all items will be used for many years to come. This is why ASPESI is focusing on development of an increasingly responsible way of operating aimed at minimising environmental and social impact. This is made possible by a model of governance that reflects this responsibility while laying the foundations for creation of added value in everything the company does.

ASPESI x Mifuko: a partnership creating job opportunities for women from disadvantaged backgrounds

This is the context of a partnership with Mifuko reflecting the desire to support projects with a proven positive social impact, systematically introducing social procurement into the company’s production practices.

On International Women’s Day, ASPESI launches a capsule collection of woven baskets to contribute to the incredible work Mifuko has accomplishedover the past 15 years, creating job opportunities for more than 1,350 women in rural communities in Kenya to improve the quality of life of their families and communities.

Mifuko is a Finnish company guaranteed by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), founded in 2009 by textiles designers Mari Martikainen and Minna Impiö. Exploring the markets of Nairobi, the two designers found the creations of skilled local crafts people very inspiring. The pair came up with the idea of combining Scandinavian design with traditional African craftsmanship, and this combination of Nordic design with skilled Kenyan weaving is the distinguishing feature of the Kiondo basket collection. Mifuko’s woven baskets are made entirely by hand by cra honest payfts women working on the basis of international fair trade standards: they receive and an education, and enjoy good working conditions.

Their products are high quality, versatile and ecological, as they are made in part of natural material such as sisal, a material of local origin. Sisal plants grow in the dry soil of Kenya, where no chemical fertilisers are used.

Sisal is stronger than other fibres typically used in weaving and has anantistatic effect, but it is also very soft, permitting creation of baskets and bags of various shapes. As every single basket is made by hand, shape and size may vary by up to 2 cm.

ASPESI x Mifuko bags will be on sale starting 8 March 2023 in ASPESI stores, on the e-commerce site and at selected retailers.

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